Relaxation to Recovery

Session Length and Rates.

Our session rates include advanced therapies and session enhancements. Your needs may change, but our prices will stay the same -- simple, straightforward, and affordable.

Gratuity is never expected. If you are pleased with our services, we prefer your gratitude in the form of a glowing review, referral, or return to our studio as a practice member.

  • 1.5 Hour Session


  • 2 Hour Session


    Practitioners are experienced with different modalities and may not be able to offer all modalities and session enhancements listed.

    Individualized Therapies

    Together, we will discuss your health history, treatment goals, preferred pressure, and session enhancements. Your practitioner will use this information to create a focused, therapeutic treatment plan to provide long-term results. Whether you need to unwind, release stress, and pain, or heal from an injury, we are here for you from relaxation to recovery.

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We incorporate a wide range of modalities:

There are many types of massage and bodywork techniques with a focus on different areas of the body or healing approaches. We suggest choosing our Integrative Therapeutic Massage and our practitioners will customize your idividual session and treatment plan to suit your needs. Listed below are the different modalities offered for you to explore.

  • Integrative Therapeutic Massage

    Our signature massage is a therapeutic blend of advanced bodywork modalities tailored to suit your individual needs.


    Experience increased flexibility and restoration of movement by addressing dysfunctional patterns in the musculoskeletal system utilizing a therapeutic blend of advanced bodywork modalities such as Myofascial Release, Triggerpoint Myotherapy, Neuromuscular Re-education, Myofascial Stretch Therapy, Muscle Energy Technique, and Cupping Therapy.

  • Craniosacral Therapy

    CST is a gentle, hands-on therapy used to facilitate healing and restore balance and rhythm to improve the functioning of the central nervous system.


    CST is used to facilitate healing and restore balance and rhythm to improve the functioning of the central nervous system. CST is a gentle, hands-on way of evaluating for abnormal restrictions or tension patterns in tissues which often result in pain and discomfort. Therapy is designed to help the improve function of the central nervous system.

  • Lymphatic Release Massage

    This signature blend of Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Cupping, Reflexology, and castor oil pack treatment is used to promote healthy blood flow and drain excess fluids and toxins by moving lymph.

    <span class="display-lg-font" style="color:inherit;display:inline-block"><strong><span style="color:rgba(44, 100, 87, 1)">Lymphatic Release Massage</span></strong></span>

    Lymphatic Release Massage involves slow and gentle pressure and different types of strokes such as stretching, cupping, compressing, and gliding to stimulate drainage of the lymph nodes to eliminate waste from your body. Lymphatic drainage massage also helps to reduce cellulite and improve skin appearance. Multiple sessions are required to achieve the best results.

  • Myofascial Release

    Loosens up muscular shortness and tightness to relieve pain, and restore flexibility and function. This technique focuses on the elastic and movable myofascial tissue that wraps around the muscles. When this tissue gets stiff and fixed, it restricts muscle and joint movement. These stiff, fixed points are called trigger points, which cause widespread pain.


  • Neuromuscular Therapy

    Neuromuscular Therapy utilizes a variety of soft tissue manipulation techniques to address ischemia, trigger points, nerve compression and entrapment, postural distortion, and biomechanical dysfunction.

  • Triggerpoint Myotherapy

    Trigger points are painful areas in a muscle caused by muscle fibers that chronically shorten and contract, leading to an unceasing contraction that is unable to resolve itself. Trigger points can cause weak muscles, restrict motion, and referred pain, such as from the neck and shoulders causing headaches, or from the hips causing back pain. Your therapist can release these painful points and help you find relief from musculoskeletal pain.

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Session Enhancements

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