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Relaxation to Recovery

We incorporate a wide range of modalities:

We incorporate advanced modalities to provide our clients with a truly personalized and transformative experience. Diverse modalities allow us to customize every session to address your specific concerns as they each offer unique benefits, and by blending them seamlessly, we ensure a holistic approach to wellness. Discover the power and versatility of our extensive range of advanced modalities as we guide you toward rejuvenation and deep healing.

  • Stretching, skin rolling, and sustained pressure are used to release restrictions in the elastic and movable myofascial tissue that wraps around the muscles. When this tissue gets stiff and fixed, it restricts muscle and joint movement. These stiff, fixed points are called trigger points, which cause widespread pain.

  • It involves finding tender or painful spots in the body and placing them in a comfortable position, holding this position for some time to release tension and restore balance to the affected area. The therapist might use slight body posture adjustments or props to support the body comfortably. Doing so allows the muscles to relax and the nervous system to reset, reducing pain and promoting healing.

  • Trigger points can cause weak muscles, restricted motion, and referred pain, such as pain from the neck and shoulders causing headaches or from the hips causing back pain.

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